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  • 2016…… Is it really over!?

    Hello out there to my boys and girls on the lands of the internets – welcome back to my blog! 🙂 I believe the last time I updated you on my crazy life, we were back in April – so I thought I would let you all know how the rest of my 2016 has […]

  • Merry Monday! A new start! 😮

    Merry Monday! A new start! :o

    Hellloooo out there! Welcome to my new website! It has been quite the journey getting here! Starting in the new year (2017) I am going to be bringing everyone a lot more material! Woohoo! I will be bringing another blog update soon filling everyone in on the rest of my year – but it will […]

  • #1 In JAPAN! Whaaaat!?

    #1 In JAPAN! Whaaaat!?

    Who says Nerdcore isn’t serious music? Alex Trebek for one, but this is a question he seems to have blatantly WRONG. Two prominent artists of the Genre (Twill Distilled ( Wreck The System Recordings ) . and SkyBlew ( RandomBeats Music ) are featured in a track on the NUMBER 1 Hip-Hop Album in Japan! […]