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about twill:

Artists can be find a dozen, but there is only one Twill Distilled.

Emerging from the prominent DC music scene, Twill Distilled began hitting the ground running in 2014 and quickly made a name for herself with her image and distinctive signature Pop/EDM sensibility. Since her explosion into the market, she’s refined herself into a versatile and multifaceted recording artist with endless genre implementations and musical inspirations, putting together an eclectic concoction that diligently balances equal parts originality and familiarity. Even though Twill’s style is completely a standout of her calibre, her personal music influences range from industry heavyweights like Lady Gaga, Kesha, Dance Gavin Dance, Electric Call Boy, Yelle, Jolin Tsai, Allie X, and countless others.

Twill’s love for music started back in her childhood years at the age of ten when she auditioned and became a member of the Peabody Preparatory which was the children’s program for the music conservatory program based out of Johns Hopkins. She studied voice and classical for many years, was part of band, as well as choir. After graduating college with a degree in Design, while pursing a design career, Twill started regularly performing at open mic nights and learning music production, further solidifying her interest in starting her own solo career and getting herself into the music market more exclusively. This would eventually result in the release of her debut album “Planet Twill” and follow up record “Distilled Screams” in 2016, both of which received critical acclaim both locally and regionally throughout her area’s music scene and demographic. 

Most recently, Twill Distilled has put together some of her best work yet with 2022’s “Power”. A 9-track juggernaut that brilliantly showcases her production and performance value in a way that will appease any current fan and easily draw in new ones. Her next-level vocal ability is more than apparent on this album and you’ll easily be able to hear her innovative take on today’s more contemporary Pop/EDM sound, but with far more flavor and charisma than one might anticipate with today’s industry standard. Basically, she is an artist you need to hear to believe. Her passion for the music parallels perfectly with her ability to portray it to her audience; and that’s one of the key factors that sets her apart from today’s mainstream Pop artists.

Twill Distill has been writing new tracks and performing at prominent local shows throughout 2022 and has several tricks up her sleeve for 2023. She is a name that the industry will be keeping an eye on as she continues to solidify her sound, style and career altogether.