2016…… Is it really over!?

Hello out there to my boys and girls on the lands of the internets – welcome back to my blog! 🙂

I believe the last time I updated you on my crazy life, we were back in April – so I thought I would let you all know how the rest of my 2016 has gone so far. Needless to say, it’s been craaaazy! To be quite honest I can’t believe it has only been a year, so much happened after April it feels like it’s been so much longer – so without further ado, here is my 2016 wrap up!


Wreck The System performed at Magstock 2016! (For those of you who do not know, Wreck the System is my Label as well as I am apart of the WTS band!) I had never been to Magstock before but I had such a blast. Magstock is run by the same lovely group of individuals that also help run Magfest! Mag does a lot of events year round so it was great to be brought on board for a few shows this year. 🙂

I actually really like to camp! I haven’t been camping in so long, so when they told me it was an outdoor music festival I was so pumped! I was still glad to see I had firecamp building skills from my girl scout days. Big shout out to our friend DJ Super Sonic for bringing us on stage for a cypher during his set!


Next was 4th of July! No actual nerd event, however, because I live in Ohio i’ve been doing some solo stuff out here and doing mostly WTS stuff on the east coast. Currently, as some of you know if you follow me on Twitter / Instagram , I am working with a local producer named Tom Angeletti on an EP. We were trying to actually release it in June this year, but, we both got super busy! (Imagine that!) When we finally were able to get time together to work on the project, we realized we had grown so much in half a year, so, we’re effectively starting over to put out a better project. 🙂

Anywho, so, my Fiance and I go over to Tom’s alot – so we went over for their 4th of July BBQ. Tom makes excellent beats. Tom makes excellent BBQ. Carry on, gentlemen. 🙂

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After that, I was off to Chicago AGAIN for Anime Midwest! As you guys know, I have a song with Ambush Vin and Tek Force on my album “Planet Twill” called Annie Mae! Because Ambush Vin was performing he invited me to do this song with him! Not only did we perform and hang out with Vin, my manager and I had a blast overall at the con. We hung out tons with our pals YTCracker, Megaran, and I FINALLY got to meet Greg Ayers and my favorite youtuber, Juby Phonic ! We had a total blast, thank you again for YTC having me hype on stage with him during his rap set, and letting us hang out behind the scenes at the Rave. 😀 <3

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After THAT – It was time for V A C A T I O N!!!! WOOO. Maannnn, I work so much! So it was SO nice to go to COLORADO this summer for vacation.

My fiance has a lot of family that lives near Denver and Breckenridge, so we were out for a family vacation. I got to see my good irc waifu friend Emmy. (YAN merch does exist, fuck what you heard), as well as check out some of the gorgeous mountains, denver clubs, and other assorted fun you can find in Colorado ….. ^_~


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The WEEKEND AFTER THAT (man, alot of these events were back to back to back. I never sleep, I tell ya) – Wreck The System performed at Bitgen 2016! Again run by our pals at Mag, it was a one day concert series with a lot of local nerdy talent. I met a LOT of our fans! Wow! You guys are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much to everyone who came up for our set (there were so many of you!) who knew our songs, rapping along, coming up to us after to chat….aahh!! Thats really what we live for! ^_^ I can’t thank you enough!

It was also our friend Phil’s BIRTHDAY! At the end of our set 🙂 We surprised him with a cake… and than many many shots. 😀

Things after that finally slowed down for a bit! (phew) from August – October, it gave me a chance to do a few things! One of them being – I rescued a cat! My fiance and I LOVE black cats, they are so so so so adorable! I really think its awful how some people treat these precious lil babies <3. (Sorry to sound so crazy cat lady haha).

This is Grimm! Prince Grimmauld T Flooferton III. He was actually thrown out of a car (what the hell) with the rest of his liter at a really young age. My friend’s aunt found the box… Poor Grimm! He was the ONLY kitten to survive. At 8 weeks in he moved in with my fiance and I. I love the crap out of my lil Grimm. <3 Needless to say, he really loves us too! (A little too much. Mama is tryna sleep, Grimm, please stop climbing on my face at 3AM to play!)


I was FINALLY able to get the rest of my indie gogo perks out! Again my apologies that it took SO long for me to get these out. I am feeling happy though now that everyone has gotten their goodies from my indie gogo campaign ^_^


Finally – I was able to record and work on finishing my EP “Distilled Screams” before the fall picked back up again. Phew! This EP is also FREE if you didn’t know so make sure to get if off of bandcamp! 😉

And now…. back to crazyland!

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At the end of October we played in Fort Worth, TX for local nerdcore event “8 Bit Bonanza” – it was SO much fun and I had a total blast. It was great to see so many of my nerdcore friends / family. I had also never been to Texas before so that was quite the experience! 80 degrees at the end of October? I will take it!

Funny story, ugh, literally as I was climbing up to get on stage for our set – my BOOTS BROKE. Like half of the sole just ripped off! So I had to perform my whole set barefoot. :’)


At the Beginning of November I got to see my friend Mega Ran perform while on tour with MC Lars and MC Chris! Heyyyy yooo! 🙂 It was quite a fun show! 😀 What is even more exciting is that Lars and Ran are EXTENDING THEIR TOUR!!! If you are in the Baltimore Area, please come see them play on March 3rd, 2017 – as WRECK THE SYSTEM will be performing with them! WOOHHOOOOO!

15085481_10157623666395136_4100628326078361668_n 15134622_10157623666525136_1129335528533794336_n 15107407_10157623666180136_6943004200764688947_n 15085683_10157623666470136_3535328890738886376_n

Towards the end of November – we, Wreck The System, in traditional WTS fashion crashed and hung out with Mag staff at Mag Con! ^_^ Thanks for letting us party with you guys, hehe <3 Funny story, one of the founders of Mag actually went to school with my sister. So of course we had to take a “L” selfie together to represent our old high school!


Thanksgiving rolled around and my fiance and I were off to Thanksgiving with my future in laws up in upstate NY! I really love my in laws, they are seriously the best! Fiance has two brothers, which means NEPHEWS AND FUN TIMES. Oh yes!

With his one brother, we always do a traditional game of cards and against humanity, and booze. ^_^ Who says card games as an adult can’t be fun? As well as that I got to see my 3 future nephews! My nephews are starting to come to the age where they really start flourishing in to their own personalities of who they are. My one nephew was super stoked to learn that I could rap and draw! I can’t wait to see them again next year! I wish they weren’t so far.

I had a low this year when I found out one of my childhood dogs, Jack, had passed away. We got Jack and Ginger when I was in 7th grade, our previous dog, had died after being struck by a car. My parents are huge fans of Australian Cattle Dogs, we found ourselves driving for a few hours one weekend to go visit them as puppies on a farm. Right away, we could tell, something wasn’t quite right, so instead of only adopting one dog, we adopted both.

Jack and Ginger really struggled at first to adjust to their new home. They didn’t really like people at all and were very scared a lot of the time. I remember that when we first got them, they had so many parasites after their first vet visit. They used to scratch at the bottom of their water bowls, because they were used to doing that to clear grass/weeds out of their way when drinking from water sources outside. Eventually though, we became their people. I always loved coming home from school and there they were, just so excited to see me. Humans really don’t deserve love that Dogs give.

The last time I saw Jack was actually the weekend of Magcon. I am really glad I spent as much time as I did with him that weekend. I just wish I could have said goodbye. While im glad he is no longer in pain (he had organ failure – he was 14 years old), i’m really gonna miss my Jackaroo!

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On a WAY more positive note! My friend Schaffer The Dark Lord recently came out to Columbus to perform for a charity event! Always good seeing nerdcore family ! The best part about this is, I caught tons of footage which will be coming to my youtube channel sometime next year – so keep an eye out for it!



Finally, on this never ending blog post, if you haven’t read – I was on a project this year that ended up #1 on Japan itunes as well as landed on the Japan BILLBOARD CHARTS!


I plan to be updating once a week here on my blog, so hopefully no more long winded posts like this! Make sure to check in next week where I will be bringing you even more Twill! I hope you all have an awesome lovely holiday, no matter what holiday you and your loved ones celebrate. I am very much looking forward to CHRISTMAS! ^_^ As always, thank you again for your time, and support. If you want even more Twill Distilled, remember you can always find meeee:

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Love you guys! <3


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