Merry Monday! A new start! 😮

Hellloooo out there!

Welcome to my new website! It has been quite the journey getting here! Starting in the new year (2017) I am going to be bringing everyone a lot more material! Woohoo! I will be bringing another blog update soon filling everyone in on the rest of my year – but it will be at a later time. For now, lets focus on the now and the future!

For those of you who missed it, my NEW EP IS OUT!


Distilled Screams is my brand new EP which is 100% Free. Pay what you want, if you don’t want to pay anything, that is 100% fine. I wanted to release this project for free because I felt that I had dropped the ball with my indie gogo prizes from Planet Twill and wanted to make it up to everyone!

This project has been quite the journey. It follows a really bad break up I had a few years back…. To me this project was a lot like therapy, each song is a different stage I had to endure during the whole process. It is really hard to admit when you have fallen out of love, or, the person who is supposed to be YOUR person no longer is. I held on to all of these feelings for a few years, so it was finally nice to be productive and let all of the hurt out.  My hopes and goals for this EP is that for anyone who is hurting, especially after a bad break up, they’ll listen to this EP and know they aren’t alone. Break ups suck, but, everything happens for a reason. 🙂 <3

So what do I have planned NEXT you ask!? Well I am so glad you asked! 😀 

2017 so far is shaping up to be a crazy year already, and I am still here in 2016! What!

Wreck The System will be back at Magfest this year, we’re throwing an event or two as well as we will be performing at smaller spaces at the actual convention itself.
As well as that we just announced a show we will be performing with MC Lars, Mega Ran, Professor Shy Guy, and Big O on 3/3/17 in Baltimore! We have two more spring shows I can’t quite announce yet, but, wowza. o_o

On top of that, MOOOOORE TWILL! Yay!

I feel like a lot of people, while they enjoy my music, a lot of people get excited to see all of the stuff behind the scenes that you normally don’t get to see. While I am so super appreciative for everyone who takes the time to listen to my music / reach out – I feel like people are really missing out on who I really am and what artists go through. Whether its working on our next musical project, brainstorming for an event or a video, the amount of work that goes in to just do one show …. I think that kind of experience would be cool to share with everyone!

Also, I really hate only being able to release 1-2 big projects a year. I worked on Distilled Screams for over a YEAR. Planet Twill was over a year and a half. But I wanna hang out and share more with you guys.

What is a girl to do? Oh oh! I know!

I’ve decided that in 2017 I am going to really be boosting My Youtube ChannelI am aiming to upload at least 4x a month! 2 vlogs and 2 songs – 1 cover / 1 brand new Twill Distilled song! The best part is that all of this is going to be brought to you for free! I will be bringing the Distilled life style and party to you, so even if you can’t come to whatever event I / Wreck The System is doing, you’ll feel like you were there anyways ^_^ yay!

On top of that I will be updating my blog once a week every Monday! Whether it’s news on the Twill front, an album review, or really anything be sure to check back for some new fun stuff coming in 2017. (There might even be pretty pictures. Gasp!)

For now, I will be signing off! For my friends getting hit with the snow like I am, stay safe and warm! See you guys next week!


Twill <3

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