Huge Update

As I am sure you can tell – I am terrible about blog posts! I gotta get better – so – here it is! a HUGE update of the first 4 months of this year. Crazy.

As you guys know, or most of you know, I released my FIRST debut album back in December called “Planet Twill” — The release went really well in my opinion so thank you to everyone who donated, bought, listened, and supported me! I am happy to announce that indie gogo pledges are going out THIS WEEK. I am so sorry I didn’t meet my deadline! However, I’ve been working really hard at pushing the album and some other new projects in the mean time to make up for it. For those of you who haven’t listened yet, please check out the album on bandcamp: HERE ! There is even a rumor that on my birthday the album will be pay what you want 😉

On top of that, I am also on Pandora Radio now, so please check it out here!

So gosh, where do I even begin? So late fall of 2015, I was actually hit up by a fellow nerdcore artist named Lady J – funny enough we had both performed at T-Mode 2015 and grew up in the DMV area.

We became friends and sort of stayed in touch. Lady J pitched this REALLY awesome collab album to me near the end of fall which I hopped on board first chance I got. Lady J and her recording studio got to work, and published TOKENS – which has not only me on there, but, other artists such as Sky Blew, Mega Ran, RPG-Unit, Last Word Benders, and tons more. It is also 100% Free so excuse me while I plug it and insist you go download it Here! 

Throughout the process of working with Lady J, Cam 3, Osiris Green, and DJ Mutiny, they brought me on board with their Wreck the System company as their brand ambassador. As well as that, J has been wanting to launch a nerdcore label for fellow artists. Not only do I now belong on the label with them, it’s been fun challenging work helping her to build this dream.

So literally after these two huge projects for me dropped it was time to promote! Which is why i’ve been so busy and not really on as much. First stop, Magfest 2016! While we weren’t performing on the main stage wreck the system got booked for some private parties!! We also had a few panels, and shot a music video. All in all it was a crazy, fun, and insane weekend. I’ll be sure to post performance videos later but for now, here are some photos and our music video we shot:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NzGmmur6wo – DO THE ROAR! – Osiris Green ft. Lady J, Twill Distilled, and Mega Ran!




In the middle of rehearsal, time for a break!

12729263_10156432752415136_6776579200399580576_n 12744098_10156438364925136_6121687333213444884_n


I hung out a lot with my IRC pal I call Pear that weekend. On the left you can see me, Dj Mutiny, and 1449’s DJ Jackal.


The photo I got here stinks, but, shoutout to Eye Q, Mega Ran, Richie Branson, One-Up, and Kadesh flow for hanging out with us after our performance!!


^ We all look so tired in this last photo, LOL ^

After really sad goodbyes, I was headed back to Ohio!

February FLEW by, I got to experience my first commission project, however, which was SUPER exciting!

My friend, Saker, From 2d6 is actually in a pretty awesome web show series called Basic Adventuring 101! You can check out the first episode here . I did a song for their 3rd episode, which is coming out sometime this year, which not only will be used in the ending credits, but, on their sound track as well. It’s called Skadi!
click here to listen~ (Enjoy!)

In March I found myself at Shumatsucon!

Shumatsucon is a fairly new con here in Ohio, and, even though it was small, I had a LOT of fun that weekend. Shout out to their con chair, Matt, for being awesome! 🙂
That weekend I got to see Steffo (from My parents favorite music), Starf, 2d6, and Professor Shyguy – so as you can imagine there was loads of fun had. Starf performed friday night, and I made him a sign:


Steff, Starf, and I had a blast pretty much taking over karaoke and freestyling at everyone:


and at the end of the weekend, almost everyone came over for dinner!

….. ;w; I really miss everyone, come back and visit me soon!

More videos and pictures from Shumatsu can be found here on my instagram! )

Then came the end of March! AAAHH! So as some people know, but, not all of you, I actually have a lot of siblings! So, March 18th-20th weekend, I was off to Chicago to attend my very first C2E2 with my big sister. My sister is awesome, she is honestly one of my biggest role models and i’ve always looked up to her. She got me in to singing, anime, and crafting – pretty much all of my interests. With out my sister, there would probably be no Twill! \o/ Also she feeds me healthy snacks, so yay!

So – anywho – my sister and her friend / business partner run a website and business together called craft hackers . What craft hackers does, in a quick tl;dr description – is they help crafters take their side hobbies in to full time businesses. They’re subscription is pretty awesome! So while they are helping out fellow crafters, they themselves, do full time crafting as their jobs and sell at conventions all year round. They had an extra badge for C2E2 so I offered to help them out at their booth all weekend. (Plus I got to see my older sister, so, win!)

10436243_10156546777910136_8135132406490804797_n 12376296_10156554570420136_6914984253374156505_n 1609681_10156551098895136_8324887988536012499_n

 (Aren’t we cute?! I’m so jealous she got the Tan gene!!!)

On top of helping my sister out and seeing her, I got to see one of my long time friends, Jordan! Jordan runs an AWESOME nerdy music show every friday at his college campus radio station called nerdy nonsense. Like them on facebook! I’ll be uploading the 2 hour show I did with him sometime….soon…. ?


Thank you for having me, Jordan!

Finally that brings us here, to April! I posted this earlier on my facebook but I will just post it here as well:

I have a BIG Announcement I promised Wreck The System Recordings and I would announce after our video hit 1,000 views!

This summer we’re going to be coming out with some new music for you guys! However, I am happy to announce our secret for our next music video!

For those of you following me on instagram ( www.instagram.com/twilldistilled) you’ve been seeing me play around with animation recently. Do you get it?

Our next music video is going to be animated by ME! Thats right, a Twill Distilled animation video! Oh gosh, but what is the song about?  I guess you’ll have to stay tuned and find out as we drop sneak peaks along the way.

As well as that, I am super super happy to announce this, dun dun na naaah! We (Me, LadyJ , Cam3 , Osiris Green , and Dj Mutiny) will be playing not one but TWO huge shows this summer! We have officially been confirmed for BitGen Gamer Fest -AND- Magstock! When we have more performance details we will let you guys know. Ahhh im so excited, aren’t you!?

In the mean time, I hope you guys are all enjoying Planet Twill and TOKENS! This is only the beginning for us! There is so much more down the line that im excited to share with y’all and will be doing so when I can.

Thanks to everyone for the support and the views on the music video! Keep ROARING with us and BEing who you are with OUT fear! And most importantly, WRECK THE SYSTEM!!!

That is all for now! I will be updating the merch store and calendar of Twill performances soon everyone! ^_^ Thanks for tuning in! <3 byeee!

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