Original Song

Have you ever wanted a Twill song that was made 100% JUST for you!? Well now you can!

I create, produce, and write all of my Twill Distilled songs!** If you are in the market for a jingle, background music, or any kind of custom song for your liking, I am open for hire. Please feel free to contact me here by clicking this link to discuss budget and pricing.

Check out some of the great projects I’ve gotten involved with here:
Basic Adventuring 101 – Episode 3 : Created a full track for the closer of Episode 3 , also appearing later on their season one OST.

Professor Awesome and the Minions of Doom : Collab with WTS Label! Cam3 on the beat, Osiris Green on Rap Vox, and Twill on Opera Vox.


** Unless otherwise stated (ie. Beat Production, or collabs)

Twill Distilled is a one woman creative army! Whether you are looking to book for a performance, jam to her latest tunes, or bring her on for your next project - she'd love to hear from you!

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