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Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Art Director, Animator, Illustrator, and Fashion Designer.

Originally from the DMV Area, Twill grew up near Baltimore. She studied voice and received musical training through her time spent with the Peabody Preparatory out of John’s Hopkins. In her later years, she went to university for fashion design, but still kept her passion for music and performing.

Twill currently resides in the Washington, DC / DMV Metro area. Full time Graphic Designer by day, Hip-Pop Diva by night.

Twill has tunes that you can catch on all major streaming platforms, including Pandora Radio and Spotify! Be sure to keep an eye out for her upcoming sophomore album dropping in 2019.


Producer, Singer-Songwriter, Rapper, Wreck The System Artist

In 2016 Twill signed to Wreck The System‘s Nerdcore Label. Between group and individual projects, in 2016 alone:

✦ Twill was featured on Wreck The System’s first collab project “Tokens” featuring other popular nerdcore artists such as Lady J, Osiris Green, Cam 3, Mega Ran, Sky Blew, Last Word Benders, RPG-Unit, and more.
✦ Twill was featured on Wreck The System’s first EP Rage Quit
✦ Twill was accepted on to Pandora Radio , Spotify , iHeartRADIO , and other streaming services world wide!
✦ Twill was hired to do theme tracks for podcasts, webseries “Basic Adventuring 101” , and other artists !
✦ Twill dropped her first Non-Nerdcore project “Distilled Screams” November 15th, 2016 – a 7 track dirty pop solo EP
✦ Twill performed at: Magfest (Private Parties) – WTS , Magstock 2016 – WTS, Bitgen 2016 – WTS, featured on sets at Anime Midwest with Ambush Vin / YTCracker, and 8-Bit Bonanza in Fort Worth, TX.



Illustration, Animation, Vector Art, and Graphic Design

Did you know that Twill Distilled does 100% of all of her art for her music? This website was even put together by Twill!

Whether its Merch, Album Artwork, Animated shorts, or cute vector designs, Twill does it all. Growing up, her Father worked as a freelance sci-fi fantasy oil painting, as well as a big sister who taught Twill a love for drawing and crafting.

Whether you are looking to see her latest project, or, commissioning Twill herself, be sure to check out her portfolio and contact her!

Twill Distilled is a one woman creative army! Whether you are looking to book for a performance, jam to her latest tunes, or bring her on for your next project - she'd love to hear from you!

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